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​​Dr. Med. Christine SCHRAMMEK


Mini Facial         $50


A 35 minute facial best for those with LIMITED TIME.  This facial includes a power cleanse, exfoliation, massage and mask.


Essential Facial           $65


An hour treatment with deep cleansing and reconditioning the skin for ALL SKIN TYPES.  This facial includes a skin cleanse, exfoliation, massage and mask.

The following facial treatments take 90 minutes:


Regulating Facial       $100-$130


For IMPURE/OILY AND COMBINATION SKIN.  A deep cleansing treatment with a combination of active ingredients to help regulate the sebum content, thus ensuring a balanced, even complexion and an improved overall appearance of the skin.  (Special Option: Use GREEN PEEL HERBS)


Vitality Facial           $100-$130


For MATURE SKIN/LOSS OF ELASTICITY.  This classical cosmetic treatment offers not only rejuvenation but also prophylaxis for stressed skin.  The skin receives new energy and its repair mechanism is activated. (Ultra-sound is sometimes used to enhance the treatment.)


Sensiderm Facial            $100-130


Especially for SENSITIVE SKIN which may be influenced by numerous endogenous and exogenous factors such as hormone levels, medication, climate changes, etc. Visible characteristics are redness, light flakiness, itching and burning sensations.  A specially formulated regime of products and treatments are used to calm and moisturise the skin.  The popular ICE BALLS is a very therapeutic experience.


Mela White Facial                  $100/ 3 ($300)


A popular treatment for those who suffer from PIGMENTED SKIN.  A light exfoliation with Super Enzyme Peeling to prepare the skin for the absorption of Mela White Active Serum which helps to lighten, inhibit melanin production and rebalance hyperpigmentation.  Combine with GREEN PEEL HERBS for an amazing result. 


Ozone Fresh Facial  (OZONRELIVE - Italy)        $100


A one hour treatment utilising ozone and hydro ozone skin therapy. Ozone increases the skin’s immunity and preserves and restores the natural health and beauty of the skin, resulting in a plump, healthy complexion that inhibits skin ageing.

Skin Shooter – HC3  (KLAAP - Germany)


Mesotherapist - the soft anti-aging weapon. Without stings, needles, injection and side effects. Pleasantly perceptible with noticeably visible results. The Skin Shooter supports the short-term "opening" of the micro-channels of the skin and penetration of proactive serum shots. These do not penetrate in the usual way but are "shot" in the skin, in a new and painless way.

GREEN PEEL Herbal Peeling Classic      $600

New skin in 5 days.  (2 treatments within 5 days, home care products kit included) 


GREEN PEEL Energy                     $150

Highly effective curative treatment method to improve circulation, sun-damaged, hyper-pigmented kin.  Corrects thick and callused skin.  Diminishes first lines and wrinkles.


GREEN PEEL Fresh                        $130

A quick beautifier for rapid regeneration, vitality and to combat premature aging.

For more information on GREEN PEEL HERBAL TREATMENT:



An extensive range of massage treatments for the body resulting in improved circulation, reduction in areas specific stress, anxiety, muscle tension, enhancing blood flow, lymphatic system, flexibility and body vitality.

Back Massage (30 mins)                    $45


Relaxing, relieves muscle tension and stress in the back, neck and shoulders.


Energy & Health Massage (60 mins)                  $80


Restoring massage. Aromatherapy for relaxation, using blend of essential oils. This gentle soothing massage allows the healing properties of the oils to penetrate and restore the body’s natural state of equilibrium.


Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins)                    $80


Used to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using slower strokes or friction techniques across the muscles. This technique is often used for chronically tight and painful muscles, repetitive strain or injuries.


Hot Stone Massage (60 mins)                 $100


The heat from the stones helps to relax tense muscles. It is very therapeutic, helps relieve back pain, muscular pain and aches, improves blood circulation, and reduces insomnia. The body feels totally relaxed after the treatment.


Pregnancy Massage (75 mins)                     $90


Helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Also relieves aches and pains. Enhances the flow of the blood and lymphatic fluids, reducing fluid retention in legs and arms. Assists the body to stay in good condition and prepares the body for birth.  Also includes a foot spa to soothe the feet.


Lymphatic/Acupressure Massage (90 mins)                  $110


Works the lymphatic system and helps to balance the immune system by manual movement of the lymphs. A blend of deep tissue massage using pressure points and stretching
techniques to release tension and increase vitality and
flexibility. Creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit.



Other Treatments


Ear Candling (40mins)           $60

This alternative dewaxing and healing process uses hollow therapeutic filtered candles. It is aided by gentle sinus lymphatic drainage and ear massage. Helps with dizziness, ringing in the ears, sinus problems, etc.




Revitalizing Eye Treatment       $60

This gentle cleansing and exfoliation around the eyes is followed by an eye massage to increase circulation and diminish dark circles. A hydrating, calming masque helps eliminate puffiness while a firming booster reduces fine lines.

Eyelash Tint (15 mins)              $16

Brow Tint (15 mins)             $14

Brow Shaping            $13

Brow Shape & Tint (25 mins)           $25

Brow Shape, Brow & Lash Tint (30 mins)            $35


Eyelash Perm (30 mins)        $55


Creates sultry alluring eye focus.  Curls lashes and accentuates even short eyelashes.






Half Leg          $25

Full Leg          $55

Upper Half Leg          $30

Underarm          $18

Upper Lip          $12

Full Arm          $35

Bikini Wax          $25

* We also do SUGARING by Pharo for hair removal



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